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Why register

Why Sign Up for Dxug?

Sign up for an account today and benefit from faster checkout and more site features.

Faster Checkout
When you register with SusanExpress, your order checkout moves into the fast lane. Receive your currency and items more quickly and easily than ever.

Order Tracking
By registering, you may follow your order online easily, and are even able to schedule a time for delivery.

Member discount
    Member Discount is only for the member of our web site. If one first visit our site and regist , he or she will become a level-1 member.

    Level-1(10 points) member can purchase goods 1% cheaper than original price.

    Level-2(300 points) member can purchase goods 2% cheaper than original price.

    Level-3(1000 points) member can purchase goods 3% cheaper than original price.

    Level-4(2500 points) member can purchase goods 4% cheaper than original price.

    Level-5(5000 points) member can purchase goods 5% cheaper than original price.

    Buying Goods from us($1 USD = 1 point)/Visiting Our web site/Leaving Message to US,you will earn points .You will be promoted to next level if you get Enough Points.

    We will remaining the best service all the time.

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