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World Of Warcraft: Legion New Zone Screenshots Surface

Posted:2016/1/30 13:51:55

World of Warcraft: Legion is currently available for pre-order where it is expected to see a release later this year. When exactly remains to be seen as the game is still currently in its alpha phase. However for those who are curious, the good news is that the alpha is not under any NDA meaning that participants can share images of the game.

Recently screenshots of a new zone in Legion, Suramar, have been posted in a forum and boy does it look pretty good, especially for a game that isnt fully complete yet, and for a game that has been running for about a decade now. For those who did not play Warcraft 3, Suramar is the home of the Kaldorei, although admittedly in Warcraft 3 it was smaller and less grand than the version we are seeing in World of Warcraft.

However like we said, the zone isnt finished yet as there are still some portions where the texture has to be applied, such as Suramar City, as pointed out by Kotaku. Either way it still looks great, and note that this is still the alpha version of the game, meaning that we can expect more tweaks and changes before the final version is released, so what you see now might not necessarily be what you get.

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