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WOW Fighter Azeroth 8.14 on the line to set off players fanaticism

Posted:2018/4/7 13:48:51

Blizzard announced today that World of Warcrafts new expansion pack Conquer Azeroth will be formally launched on August 14th (Taiwan clothes for the 16th, the national service date is unknown), and this version has been set off since its release Many players enthusiasm, after Blizzards pre-order feature was almost overwhelmed.
In addition, Blizzard also announced a physical collection version of Fighter Azeroth, which will be listed along with the expansion pack. In this huge collection box, in addition to the physical version of the game, will also contain the alliance / tribal two-sided badge, and the alliance / tribal two-sided story novels, depicting the war through two different angles.


In 8.0, the game will not be divided into PVE and PVP servers. Players will be able to switch the war mode with one click. When they are turned on, they will be able to fight with everyone. If they turn off, they will be able to relax and relax.
It will also include a variety of in-game rewards:
World of Warcraft
Gold tyrannosaurus tribal mount
Seahorse Warhorse League Mount
Toto, Tolto baby pet
Burning Azeroth card back
Storm Heroes
Primal Fire Leopard Mount
Watch the Vanguard
Hunting Alliance flag and tribal flag expression voice
Tobion's Voice for Alliance and Voice for Tribal Expressions
Zandalar and Kurtilas icons
Anduin, Jenna, Sylvanas and Vlock paint
Starcraft 2
Alliance and Tribal Spray Painting
take your orde
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