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FIFA19 career mode: 10 future stars you need to sign

Posted:2018/5/5 11:32:16

FIFA19 career mode:10 future stars you need to sign

The real-world transfer market has undergone tremendous changes, which have been well reflected in EAs series of games in the past few years. However, those who are willing to spend time looking at young players have also paid off in the FIFA18 career model.


As always, building a successful young team requires following these words: peace of mind.

Everyone knows geniuses like Kiljan Mbape and Neymar, but there are still young talents who can save a lot of transfer money and endless transfer negotiations. At the FIFA19 conference later this year, you can get detailed information by identifying the type of player you need. There is no player over 21 years old. This is the key.

10. Sergio Diaz (Real Madrid, midfielder, forward)

When FIFA 19s career model began, 20-year-old Paraguay attacking midfielder Sergio Diaz will be recalled from West Bs Lugo, which means he may have difficulty coming out of Real Madrids control. , so if you want him to join your lineup, a modest salary increase may be the only way to convince him.


This investment is definitely worth it because early signs indicate that Diaz's 67 rating in FIFA18 has been improved. As shown by many highlight videos, he is both elegant and tenacious, and will become even better.

Some sources called Diaz New Sergio Aguero. But dont be affected by this premature comparison, because the Real Madrid young player can definitely become a South American superstar after a few seasons of continuous training, especially his shooting and dribbling skills.

Most importantly, he is not as expensive as other expensive players.

9. Sander Berge (Genneth, midfielder, midfielder)

When FIFA players decide which league they want to go to, they will not often appear in their choices more than League A. After all, the most promising stars of tomorrow are sure to return to play in England, Spain, France or Germany, but this is not exactly the case. Sandor Borg, at least 20, is not one of them.


The Norwegian kid is a midfielder, but he can also play the role of a central defender. With a 198 cm height, he has an absolute advantage. If deployed directly in front of the penalty zone, he is also the perfect sweeper to help the team understand the danger.

In other words, Borg is a defensive player.

In last years game, his 71 comments are likely to remain unchanged in FIFA19. This does not matter, because some important competition time will continue to improve his overall quality. You can use Niklas Celler as a template for Borg.

8. Matthijs de Ligt (Ajax, Secretary Zhongwei)

If you want to gain a foothold in the top leagues, Ajaxs genius, Matteis Richter, has a lot of value to choose from. He is two years younger than Sandor Berger, but he has already played in European games. Dehrert is a member of the Ajax Club and lost to Manchester United in the 2017 Europa League final.


Does this affect the FIFA game? definitely. In last years game, Dreichts overall rating was 76 points. His defensive (75) and physical (79) figures are not normal for an 18-year-old player.

Now is the time for development. When you are still slamming tickets for the young talents of Ajax, why not look at other young players who have just left Ajax? They are not as expensive as Justin Kruivit and Donny Vandebeck.

However, any of these players who will become stars in the future should negotiate with the club before they can obtain the effectiveness of the Delhi-Hertogen.

7. Kai Havertz (Leverkusen, squadron, front, front)

In the German U19 game, 18-year-old Kay Hafts scored 6 goals and became Leverkusens youngest shooter in 2016. His potential is limitless.

Since the release of FIFA18, EA has made some adjustments to Kays rating. From 73 to 77, apparently, he was considered by the developers to be a future star with a bright future. It is expected that these ratings will be further improved in FIFA19.


So its time to pick up the ticket and give it to Leverkusen. Remember to get ahead of Manchester United (Manchester Uniteds CPU seems to sign everyone).

Harfitz can play anywhere in the frontcourt, but he is the most effective on the right wing. There, he can use his left foot. As FIFA18 shows, his three-star weak foot skills mean that it is not a problem at any position.

6. R'ben Neves (Wolves, midfielder, midfielder, front waist)

If you have seen Nevess performance, then this is definitely a pleasant choice. Particularly worth mentioning is that he recently made amazing goals in Derby, which is a wonderful game, it shows the 21-year-old player has the talent.


Now that the Wolves have entered the Premier League, there will certainly be a steady stream of people who want to take this genius. Why not become one of them?

In FIFA19, Neves must not be much cheaper. At the time of FIFA 18, he had already obtained a total rating of 77, and due to the recent excellent performance, it is very likely that it will soon be improved.

This means that he will only get better with age, playing time and long-term training. On this planet, there are not many defensive midfielders who can play like him. He can bring amazing strength and accuracy to your team.

5. Gianluigi Donnarumma (Milan AC Milan, Division goalkeeper)

If you find that your team is facing a goal shooter like Neves, then it is also a very good idea to have the best young goalkeeper in the game. Not many people can be as good as AC Milans Gian Luigi Donaluma in the combination of height, responsiveness, age and experience.

Donnaruma is 195 cm tall and is the goalkeeper of the most famous AC Milan club in Europe. He is only 19 years old!


The young Italian scored a total rating of 82 in FIFA18 and has now become one of the best goalkeepers in the world. This is a fact that cannot be underestimated.

On this list, Donnarumma is one of the two valuable players. In FIFA19, they will let all the clubs who want them get bleeded. This is due to his reputation as a Buffon successor, but the great agility of the big man must also be praised.

Sign him off as soon as possible.

4. Kasper Dolberg (Ajax, SF)

If the previous Mart's-Drycht has caught your eye, then his Ajax teammate must be on top of the shopping list.

Surprisingly, Caspar Dolberg was one of the best forwards in the game. Just 20 years old, he scored 20 league goals for Ajax in 45 games and has already shown the same status as Lewandowski.


Dolberg is a somewhat rude style. His FIFA games general comment (78) is far from Lewandowskis (91), but this does not prevent him from being called the most important in the world. One of the goalscorers.

The Danes have already started playing for the Danish national team. He will be a predator of FIFA for a period of time, with Lewandowski, Ibrahimovich, Suarez and Cavani. Players compete.

3. Christian F'chtl (Bayern Munich, the goalkeeper)

'chter was considered the next big thing in the goalkeeper circle a few years ago and Bayern Munich even released a video for this, during which Matthias Sammer and Manuel Neuer was full of praise to him.

So in the FIFA19 game, Frchichter is still one of the must-have players to buy. The wise approach is to whip up his brethren and multiply him, and quickly get him out of Bayern.


The 18-year-old player is considered to be succeeding Neuer in the future, and he can be said to be a more valuable buying option by Geely Ludovico Naruma because the latter will demand high fees and generous fees. salary. The requirements of Flushhetter may be more moderate.

2. Patrick Cutrone (Milan AC, striker)

When he sees Patrick Kutrorone's 74th overall rating in FIFA18, the direct temptation he brings is either to lend him out to gain experience or to transfer him out to buy a more compelling striker to replace he. However, do not do this.

Like CU Milans current reconstruction work, Cutrowone is also a long-term project.


Only 20 years old, he has become a regular guest of the Gattuso team and won the call of the Italian national team for the first time this year. In the FIFA game, he has speed, a solid shooting status, and as a part of the top two partners, he also performed well.

Depending on the team lineup you set up, Cutroone may also become a single forward. This adaptability will make him more dangerous.

Obviously, some young players from other leagues do not meet the strict requirements of the Premier League. However, the adaptability of Coetronet will make him become skilled at least after ten games.

1. Marcus Rashford (Manchester United, forward, forward, left, forward)

In fact, Mourinho did not make Marcus Lashford its first name on the Manchester United teams roster, leaving the club's die-hard fans frustrated. Lashford has everything the Ferguson-era Manchester United team likes: speed, explosiveness and excellent finishing power are all core attributes. Not to mention that he is a local.

This will affect the FIFA game, and later this year, Lashford may become the most important young star.


The general comment of 79 does not match the level of the British. The 20-year-old can be a forward, a forward partner, an attacking midfielder, and even on both wings. His left and right foot shots and long shots are quite threatening.

Do not ignore Lashford like Mourinho. In these several seasons, he will become one of the best players in the career mode.
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