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FIFA18 Second Black Wilson Review 84ST

Posted:2018/3/14 15:40:19

Today we brought TVMs FIFA18 two black Wilson evaluation, 84ST.

Before the TOTW18 forecast, I saw that Wilson had a little excitement. Lets take a look at the specific values in Wilsons two black card games:

Acceleration: 95
Speed: 91
Running position: 89
Shooting: 91
Vision: 86
Short pass: 85
Smart: 90
Balance: 89
Ball control: 87
With the ball: 84
Calm: 90!
Strength: 85
Mentality: H/M
As a striker, these key figures are as low as 84! There are 5 on 90! From a numerical point of view, it is a very good striker!

But its not perfect: 3 stars for skills and 3 stars for feet. Judging from the actual gaming experience, the three-star reversal is indeed worse, and some opportunities can definitely be scored if it is a four-star reversal. Skill 3 stars, this also dragged back. When the front breaks, some very effective 4-star moves, such as Beba turning around, one foot spin, cannot be done. The individual's ability to break through is lacking.

Another point is that although he has a power of 85, there is a feature that is easy to hurt! Sometimes it hurts unexpectedly.


easy to get injured 
High speed ball

Speed dog
Juggling players
Restricted area poachers

The actual game experience: The shot is really strong, the edge of the penalty zone and the penalty zone, the foot lifts the shot, the goal rate is very high! Because the long-range value is only 74, and the distance is far, the rate of goal-breaking is generally good. Thanks to Hs offensive mindset and 89s run, the frontcourt can run many opportunities. Dribbling is good, powerful, able to resist the guard, not easy to lose the ball. The speed is also very fast, plus the strength of 85, the general guard is not good defense.

Two Black Wilson evaluation summary:



3 star counter
3 star skills

Expected value: 8.5
Feel: 9.4
Stability: 8.5
Average: 8.6
Weekly position: You can start
Overall rating: 9.3

Two Black Wilson Day Price:


take your orde
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