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FIFA 17: Keep Balance between Realism and Fun

Posted:2016/5/12 14:45:12

EA Sports goal with FIFA is to make it the most realistic football simulation ever, but the last games may have gone too far, particularly in terms of gameplay and AI.

The introduction of different ball receptions (sometimes really clumsy), somewhat random shooting directions, and dribbling based on inertia, may have made the game more realistic, but also made it more frustrating and random. Luck and other non-player factors are too important in the current game and should be reduced. EA needs to give the player more control.

Another big change came with the artificial intelligence, which now seeks to win games at all costs, including practicing some non-fairplay measures, like circulating the ball in defence, wasting time. The problem is that, even if you try to press high, it is very difficult to get the ball back, because almost all AI teams act like they have 100% accuracy when passing. If the AI is winning near the end, it will even run across the field to the corner flag, waiting for the player to challenge for the ball (good luck with that).

This happens in real life, we all know that, thats bad enough, so at least keep this frustrating part of the game off of our virtual fields. When the game stops being fun and starts being frustrating in the name of realism, something is not right. Good luck having more ball possession than the AI team, no matter how good or bad they are. Pursuing the ball for more than half the game is not fun.

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