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FIFA 16 Tips: Combine Different Types of Passes

Posted:2016/5/19 15:53:39

To get through the opponents defenders and midfielders, you will need to know how to pass the ball methodically. The new AI-players will work even harder to regain their shape, so simple short passes (A button/X button) may not be enough.

The most efficient way to get past is using through-balls (Y button/triangle button), which send the ball into the path of a player rather than straight to their feet. This will allow for more angles to attack from, and minimizes the chance of a poor touch because the player is just running to the ball.

You should always study the way the opposing team moves in relation to the ball. If you notice that the right side of the pitch is becoming overcrowded, use the crossfield pass (hold X button/square button) to switch the play. The new drilled pass (RB+A button/R1+X button) will also work to move the play to the opposite side of the field. This type of pass is definitely a hard one to master, but once you are able to execute it consistently, it will be one of your most dangerous moves.

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