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FIFA 16 Guide: Patience is a Virtue

Posted:2016/3/10 15:41:12

FIFA 16 provides one of the most dramatic gameplay overhauls the series has seen in years. Here are tips and tricks to help you get to grips with the changes and help give you an advantage over the opposition.

FIFA 16s various gameplay overhauls mean that previously-sound attacking tactics can prove fruitless now. Rather than trying to hit teams on the counter-attack with relentless pace, FIFA 16 favours the more considered approach. Keeping the ball and passing it sideways is not a wasteful strategy: instead its about taking your time, waiting for the space to open up and then exploiting it.

Not every pass has to be played forwards, giving it back to the centre halves is a viable option as it forces the other team to push up the field, creating more space behind the lines of defence. Also, quickly switching the ball from one side of the pitch to the other is an effective way of opening up space, as it forces the middle to become less compact as you operate across the whole pitch.

Remember: for as long as you have the ball, the opponent cannot score. Wait for the right opportunity to attack the opposition goal, then dont waste it.

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