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FIFA 16 Guide: Careful with the Trick Stick

Posted:2016/3/24 14:59:53

There appears to be an early consensus among dedicated players that skill moves are less effective in FIFA 16. This isnt entirely true. The right skill move, employed at the appropriate moment, can still leave an opponent choking on your dust, or intimidate them with your command of crowd-pleasing flair.

What has changed is that its much harder for people to arbitrarily waggle the trick stick and ghost through defences. Expert players are opining that the main difference with staple tricks is exit speed, the point at which a player changes from trick animation back to standard traversal--which was faster in FIFA 15.
By slowing down the execution of tricks (and the post-animation transition back into conventional movement) by a whisker, FIFAs developers have made it easier for individual defenders to compete against show ponies. Its also clear that player agility in possession has been reduced across the board, making it harder to dribble past multiple opponents, while defender mobility has been slightly increased.

Tricks and slaloming runs, then, should now only work with any degree of consistency for those willing to put in the hours on the training pitch. The new Bolasie Flick is spectacular when you pull it off in close quarters, especially if you make enough space to smash a volley as the ball drops.

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