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Mygameg Why FIFA 18 Has the Decided Advantage This Year

Posted:2017/10/8 15:55:45

Despite Poor Keeper A.I., Scoring Explosion is Actually a Positive Sign for This Years Entry EAs quick move to address the surplus the scoring underscores how far the pendulum has swung.
No One Seems to be Playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team on the Nintendo Switch
Is this a sign of the overall sales for FIFA 18 on the Switch?
But this has always been the rub with FIFA. While its great fun to play with your friends on the couch, the high-octane back-and-forth play eventually starts to feel... a little unrealistic. FIFA 18 has made strides in making the tactics smarter, but its clear that it still has a ways to go. 

Beyond that, while career mode has added new options like the ability to activate release clauses, it has a bit of a problem with making all of the leagues seem the same. And once youve played a few seasons, the lack of long-term reward can make it start to feel stale. 

Oh, and they removed guest play from Ultimate Team as well. Boo. 

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 has a reputation for being the smarter of the two soccer sims, which is evident in the way that the players interact with one another on the field. 

Its a much more measured game that rewards patience and strategy over the ability to execute skill moves . 

For that reason, gameplay is by far the strongest argument for Pro Evolution Soccer. Once you get past the clunky menus and modes, it can become a completely absorbing experience. Scoring a goal is massively rewarding in this game. 

Outside of the gameplay, PES has a few other things going for it over FIFA. The career mode, while not especially deep, does have a really strong scouting system that makes it easy to find the missing pieces you need for your team. PES also lays claim to all things Barcelona, including the famous Camp Nou stadium. 

Oh, and if you want to play as the Japanese National Team , this is the only place youre gonna be able to do it. 

PES 2018 is very much a game that caters to soccer aficionados, striving for realism wherever possible. And at its very best, it can be striking how much smarter it feels than FIFA. 

The main knock against PES 2018 is that it doesnt come close to matching FIFA 18s licenses. And while you can install proper uniforms and crests from the Internet, there arent enough slots to, say, put every single league in the game. 

But PES 2018s problems go much deeper than a mere lack of familiar names, which after all are just window dressing. No, PES 2018s main problem is that its modes just arent that great. Master League is hampered greatly by Pro Evos lack of licenses, making the player pool frustratingly shallow; and the lack of major leagues like the Bundesliga-Dortmund notwithstanding-makes international play disappointing. 

MyClub is kind of a mess. Instead of taking the trading card route favored by other sports games, it employs a a confusing system in which you buy various tiers of scouts who have a certain chance of unearthing a top-quality player. The auction system ultimately makes very little sense, and its badly hampered by PES layers of no frills menus, which still look like theyre straight out of 2008. 

Online play is frankly kind of miserable. Its hampered by input delay, and the comparatively small community makes good matchmaking difficult. If you play online, you cant help getting matched against Barcelona or one of the other super teams, even if you pick a weaker team from outside of Europe. And without a strong Ultimate Team mode, it gets repetitive fast. 

So while a lack of licenses are a problem, there are many other ways for PES to improve. And unfortunately, PES hasnt really done that in quite a while. 

FIFA 18 has its issues; but beginning with last years version, it has made great strides in breaking out of its stagnant start to the generation. The Journey in particular has been a great addition. Now its PES thats starting to feel a little stale, its notable new features being updated gameplay, refreshed graphics, and an ostensibly improved PC version. 

PES still has a little bit of an edge in the gameplay department-its really amazing how real the PC version looks when played on Ultra settings-but FIFA has a major advantage when it comes to pure longevity. Its large community and the presence of constantly updated modes like FIFA Ultimate Team ensure will help keep it going well into 2018. PES doesnt have that luxury. 

For PES, the solution is not to pursue more licenses. After all, most of the big ones are just a data file edit away. Rather, its to take a fresh eye toward its modes, which are all looking rather long in the tooth. The career mode in which you guide the rise of a single created player is particularly ripe for improvement. FIFA has The Journey, but otherwise it has neglected that aspect of its career mode. 

Until PES makes these needed improvements, I just cant recommend it over FIFA. In this case, its not always about licenses. 

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