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Mygameg The Good and Bad of FIFA Ultimate Team

Posted:2017/10/24 10:17:33

Of course, FUT shouldn't be lionized too much. It's still a mode built around monetization. It's designed with the intention of getting you to spend as much money as possible to get a great team quickly. And many people do (full disclosure: I've yet to spend a dime on FUT). 

But in an environment in which monetization is everything in sports sims, it's worth highlighting the fact that FIFA manages to strike the best balance out of all of them. It also manages to avoid the niggling irritations of other Ultimate Team modes. It's not the ridiculous collect-a-thon that Madden has become; it isn't saddled with the cumbersome UI of NHL, and it isn't a total afterthought like in NBA 2K and PES (NBA 2K prefers to focus on Pro-Am, PES is still stuck in 2008). NBA Live is still painfully limited. 

Really, the only Ultimate Team that comes close is MLB The Show's Diamond Dynasty-an entertaining team-building mode that is nevertheless hampered by atrocious online lag and the rather obnoxious need to build uniforms and logos from scratch (would it be so hard to just make all of the minor league and major league uniforms available out of the gate?). It also takes a long time to complete individual games, which makes it feel like more of a slog than it should. 

Of course, when it comes down to it, every sports game is subject to the quirks of the individual game that it represents. And the reality is that you're going to gravitate toward the Ultimate Team in whatever sports game you like the most. But as someone who plays pretty much all of the sports games there are to play, I find that FIFA Ultimate Team is easily the best. It's the most streamlined, the most rewarding, the least grindy. It's not constantly begging me to spend money, and it puts the focus where it should be, which is the gameplay. 

Besides, you have literally dozens of really wicked kits and crests to choose from. Who doesn't love a shirt with a with big 'ol tiger on the front? 

There are plenty of people who will complain endlessly about how FIFA Ultimate Team steals resources from career mode, which has barely been updated since 2013, and that's their right. But for the most part, it's about the least evil example of monetization I've seen in a year that's full of them. 

Take note, sports devs: this is how you do Ultimate Team right. Still. 

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