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Bill Bosley   2012-05-20
Great service always get gold under 3hrs.
 IP:  74.106.2******
Derek Folkerts   2012-05-20
Mygameg.com is INCREDIBLE! Service was amazing. Representatives were extremely courteous. When I had a question, they answered politely and to the point. Instructions to receive gold were very simple and I got the gold very fast. I am very impressed at the low expense and the high customer satisfaction. I look forward to doing business very soon. Im gonna order more right now! :D
 IP:  68.102.1******
Jim   2012-05-18
Great service, fast gold, and has been very safe
 IP:  96.228.1******
Mike   2012-05-17
I have had a lot of issues with many other gold companies until i found www.mygameg.com. They are an amazing company and all the other ones should shut down or learn from them. I have ordered gold all the time from this company and love the service / email and support i receive from them. This is a A++++++++ company and you should not look any where else to get your gold!!! Very happy and satisfied customer!!!!!!
 IP:  64.252.******
JC   2012-05-15
thats mygameg i got all my gold within 24 hours!!! got 2 epic flyin mounts thanks to you!!! =)
 IP:  131.183.2******
Wouldnt put that here   2012-05-14
I had no problems from dxug. Im very pleased. Fast delivery on Alexstrasza.
 IP:  98.222.******
Aqualure   2012-05-11
I ordered my gold, and at first I wa very worried it wouldnt even come... But then I was reminded constantly by your live service that it would come. And I couldnt believe it when I saw that my heavy linen bandage sold for 500 gold! It worked... I was so happy! Good work! All together I only had to wait 2 or so hours!
 IP:  24.253.1******
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