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Welcome to New World Gold. New World is an open world MMO PC game from Amazon Games set to be released on August 31, 2021.

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Amazon New world

As Amazons first large-scale attempt to enter the game market, this fantasy 17th-century American MMORPG set in parallel time and space has attracted many peoples attention because of its propaganda and innovative gameplay. In fact, New World was originally scheduled to be released in May, but it was postponed to August due to the epidemic, and now it has jumped to the spring of 2021. In disguise, it has skipped tickets for almost a year.

In the announcement on its official website, studio director Rich Lawrence said:

We want to ensure that players who are very engaged in the middle and late stages of the game can have a rich game experience in Aeternum. We hope that players can be completely immersed in the game, and know and trust our studio in terms of quality and long-term play. All have insisted, and this means that it takes extra time to achieve the results we want before it is fully launched.

Therefore, we will postpone the release date and the beta test time of the final version to the spring of 2021. It is difficult to make this decision, and we are eager to bring the game to you in the best quality form as soon as possible-and some additional things that can make the experience better.

Players who have joined the Alpha version test, registered for the Beta version test, and pre-ordered New World will be able to play the full version of the game for a limited time on August 25. At present, it is not known whether all players who participated in the Beta test can play, or only some people can play. Anyway, players who are eligible to play will receive further instructions via email.

The Closed Beta has come to a close, the last tree has been felled, the last arrow fletched and fired. The forges are empty, and the bustling streets of Everfall have gone quiet. The dust has settled from the war that raged across Aeternum, and all that's left is for us to say an enormous thank you to everyone who quested, crafted, fought their fellow adventures, delved into Expeditions and otherwise participated in the Closed Beta test. We'd also like to extend a huge thank you to the awesome content creators showing all New World has to offer during the Battle for New World.

The Battle for New World was a hard fought, nail biting, epic clash. Over the course of the event, we watched as our participants explored the vast landscape of Aeternum, declared War on each other, crafted exquisite items, decorated their homes, and dueled to the death. This event tested New World on many critical parts of the overall experience, including our servers, data, and analytics. Through this testing, we faced a number of issues, some of which we have already resolved, and some ongoing issues with regards to the reporting on the Battle for New World Leaderboard. In recognition of the awesome effort, and in light of the Leaderboard tracking issues, we have decided to extend rewards to all teams for this event.

Every participant in the Battle for New World will receive 100 copies of the New World Standard Edition to give away to their communities at launch. Each team will also get to collaborate with the New World development team to create a new Named Weapon that will live on in Aeternum, forever paying tribute to their part in the epic battle.

Each of the Battle for New World participants will also be granted access to a unique Twitch Drop on their channels for the first 7 days after New World launches. Be sure to tune into their channels at launch to receive the Vinespun weapon skin set. You can find a full list of participants who will have access to the Vinespun weapon skin, and links to their Twitch channels, on the Battle for New World Leaderboard page.

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